• The program aims to attract and retain high talent applicants and provide them with developmental opportunities.
  • The program offers the means to kick-start a professional career through a full-exposure opportunity to all different units that fall under the educational major of the BEEAH rotation program applicant.
Program Duration

12 Months

Number of applicants

Depending on business need.

BEEAH Visa Sponsorship

As per labor law

Health Insurance: 100% coverage
  • Expats – Self, should they be on BEEAH Sponsorship
  • UAE Nationals – Self
Annual Leave

6 Calendar Days

State Pension

As per UAE Pension Federal Law

  • Applicants are to have a minimum of a higher diploma or bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3 and above
  • The applicants will go through a rigorous selection process that entails the below: (Maximum 2 Weeks)
1. Pre-screening process with the recruitment team

(1 DAY)

2. First Interview

Human Capital Panel interview – Emiratization and TA (1 DAY)

3. Second Interview – Technical

HOD, Hiring Manager and HRBP (2 to 3 days depending on HOD availability)

4. Assessment Phase 1

Internal Assessment (1 DAY)

  • Basic Financial Skills
  • MS Office (Excel Proficiency, Presentation)
  • Case Study – Competencies: Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Analytical Thinking.
5. Assessment phase 2

External Assessment (1 DAY)

  • Aptitude test and personality profiling (Psychometric)
6. Case Study Presentation to the panel

GCEO, GCOO, GCHCO, HC (2 to 3 days depending on CEO availability)

  • Applicants to present provided case study previously provided by BEEAH
7. Competencies that will be observed during the panel interview are
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Confidence and English Literacy
  • Research capabilities

  • Employee will be placed as part of a set schedule of activities.
  • Employee is required to present their learning outcomes to Human Capital and Stakeholders after each rotation opportunity
  • After each rotation, Employee will be evaluated based on their performance by their supervisor.
Schedule Details:
1. Business Knowledge (2 MONTHS)
  • Company Rotation
  • Overview and self-study of major projects – UAE, KSA and Egypt
2. Department Knowledge (6 MONTHS)
  • Rotation in set sub-departments and understanding of all processes followed by the company.
  • Reviews conducted by all supervisors from each sub-department.
3. Best Practice Research (4 MONTHS)
  • Employee to choose a topic from a certain sub-section and search the market for current best practices and new ideas
  • Final report and presentation are to be presented to the OD Team, concerned stakeholders and the HC Panel

Working Hours

From 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m – Flexible hours applied.

Working Week

Monday to Thursday